Chemotherapy Drugs

What Are the Different Types of Mesothelioma Chemotherapy Drugs?

There are a number of chemotherapy drugs that can be used when treating mesothelioma. Side effects can be experienced but still many are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Alimta® is the chemotherapy drug that is most widely used to treat mesothelioma. By using Cisplatin with Alimta, mesothelioma specialists are able to add several months to the lives of mesothelioma patients.

Alimta is given once every three weeks by injecting it into the vein. When you are taking Alimta you need to also take Vitamin B12 and folic acid to minimize the side effects. A mesothelioma patient will also receive corticosteroids to avoid the skin side effects.

This chemotherapy drug that is used together with Alimta. Cisplatin is the drug that mesothelioma specialists will prescribe when they can not perform mesothelioma surgery.

Carboplatin was created from Cisplatin, but it has weaker side effects. However, the drug inhibits the creation of blood cells.

This chemotherapy is usually combined with Caboplatin. Gemcitabine is prescribed to limit the side effects.

This is a new chemotherapy drug that is still in clinical trial testing. Onconase is promising and is seen to kill mesothelioma cancer cells while not damaging healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.

Navelbine can be delivered to it’s mesothelioma patient via IV or orally. This chemotherapy drug is generally paired with Cisplatin to shrink the size of tumors.

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