Mesothelioma Surgery Shown to Benefit Elderly Patients

Elderly pleural mesothelioma patients that under go an aggressive surgery have seen their survival rates increase dramatically. This also goes against the myth that older patients should not have surgery because the risks out weigh the reward. Age should not be a deterrent because the stage of your mesothelioma appears to be a more important factor than how old you are.

A group of surgeons tapped into the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) national database to analyze over 800+ pleural mesothelioma patients to determine whether or not age should be a major factor when determine whether or not to have surgery. Also they wanted to determine the success of those surgeries. The results of this study can be seen by clicking here.

The group of surgeons found that the survival rate for elderly patients, nearly doubled and there was no difference in the benefits of surgery for younger patients over older patients.

These results are particularly important because a majority of mesothelioma patients are over 65 years old. However, oncologists, many times, incorrectly recommend that older mesothelioma patients do not go the surgery path. This study now shows that if you are health enough, having surgery is the way to go. The SEER database shows that only 22% of mesothelioma patients 70 years or older have surgery, while 46% of mesothelioma patients younger than 70 years old had surgery.

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