The Steps to a Mesothelioma Trial

Mesothelioma Lawsuit Process

The first part of the mesothelioma lawsuit process is determining which law firm is going to represent you or your loved ones. Every lawsuit for mesothelioma is different, but this is the general process:

  1. Contact Us
    Once you contact The Lanier Law Firm by phone at 1-844-597-6376 or filling out the form for a free consultation, we will review the preliminary information you provide and follow up with an expert evaluation of how you should proceed.
  2. Meet Face to Face
    If you are interested in meeting with a lawyer from The Lanier Law Firm, then we will fly to you. We believe meeting face to face is the most effective way to develop a relationship and gather the necessary information that we need to file a case.
  3. File a Complaint
    The Lanier Law Firm will draft and file a legal complaint against the manufacturer of the product, your employer or other offending party. Once we file the complaint, the court will generally issue a schedule for the mesothelioma court case.
  4. Prosecute the Case
    At this step we will gather the information and details needed to try your case.
  5. Possible Case Settlement
    Many times cases will settle before they are tried at court. A defendant may try to settle before going to court.
  6. Go to Court
    If there is no settlement with the defendant, then the case will go to trial. Evidence and testimony is presented and a jury will decide the outcome.

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